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We focus on you personally.


Whether you need to define your message, create a presentation, or improve your delivery, we meet you where you are to help you be your best self.

Each person has unique needs. Before we begin coaching, we discuss your challenges and goals to understand what you want to improve. We also discuss your experience and strengths, so we can find the right approach for you.

We work in person and remotely, with clients around the world.

What's your story?

We help you shape your message, to create a presentation that is clear, engaging, and powerful. We work with you to get at the heart of what you want to say, strip away what is unnecessary, find a logical progression, and turn your information into a compelling story for your audience.

How will you tell it?

We help you improve your delivery, whether presenting to a group or speaking to individuals. Focusing on the body and voice, we help you own your message with ease and grace, building self-confidence while developing crucial skills. We can work on specific presentations or long-term skill improvement.


We use a variety of exercises based in theater training to explore what is holding you back and to create ways to overcome these blocks.


We can also improve your use of visual aids, so that they make a powerful and dramatic impact.

Packages and Times

Sessions can vary from one to five hours, but they are typically one or two hours at a time. It depends on how much stamina you have. Sessions can be scheduled individually or in packages.

Please contact us for information about our pricing.
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