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Empathy and compassion are

the core of our work.

Miscommunication, misunderstanding, and mistrust generate conflict. They undermine a team's ability to collaborate and limit their success.


We help teams maximize their potential.

Miscommunication undermines teams

The success of every team depends upon excellent communication. Between peers or between supervisors and supervisees, poor communication interferes with productive cooperation at every level. It generates mistrust, and task-related disagreements easily escalate into interpersonal conflict.


A team's ability to thrive depends upon the communication skills of its members. They must speak with clarity. They must ask questions with openness. They must listen with compassion.

Leadership means clear communication

From small teams to large organizations, a leader's roles require effective communication. Sharing a vision, providing a framework, building partnerships, giving instruction... at every turn, leaders must make themselves understood.

Strong communication means not only being clear about what you intend, it also means understanding how you are being heard. It means putting yourself in the position of the people who rely on your guidance. It means empathy and compassion.

We bring out your best self

We work with clients one-on-one to understand on a deep level where challenges lie.


First we guide our clients toward understanding themselves and what they want to communicate. Then we help them understand their team members, and together we develop long-term strategies for highly successful communication.

We help peers settle conflict and create productive working relationships, we help managers guide their teams and departments, and we help executives develop messaging strategies to lead their organizations.

We work both in-person and remotely.

Packages and Times

Sessions are typically one hour, but they can vary. Sessions can be scheduled individually, in packages of six, or on retainer.

For pricing, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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