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Authentic Compelling Communication

Landing a presentation with power and precision.

Communicating clearly with colleagues and clients. 

Getting your message across to

maximize opportunities. 


We bring the art, skills, and training of Theatre into the professional workplace.


At JMS Coaching, we help you define your message.

We coach professionals to express their authentic voices with clarity.

We teach clients to hear team members compassionately and respond effectively.


Let us help you and your team.


Our theater-based understanding of story-telling, human behavior, voice, body language, and imagery gives our coaching a unique perspective. We offer several services to help you and your team.


We meet one-on-one with you to help you shape your message and improve your delivery. We can focus on a specific presentation or help you develop long-term skills. 

“Jason understands: 1) How to put together great content; 2) How to get your body and voice to do amazing things; and 3) issues like impostor syndrome and power dynamics. It's rare to get that intersection in one person.”

-Mia Scharphie

Creative Agency

Community Design, Research & Creative Engagement


Our personalized coaching teaches managers and team members to  communicate through empathy, improving collaboration and maximizing potential. 

“It was a wonderful experience. 

As scientists, it was great to focus not just on what we were trying to communicate, but how we communicated it.”

-Joshua Korn, PhD
Oncology Bioinformatics Team


“We saw progress from session to session and have just scratched the surface of what JMS Coaching can bring to our team.”

-Rebecca Kadden

Human Resources

Walnut Hill School


About Us

Our Approach

What is “theater”? It is the art of using image, sound, space, and time to take an audience on a journey, connecting meaningfully with one or many.


People commonly misunderstand “acting” as pretending to be someone else – or worse, lying. Nothing could be further from the truth. Acting brings out what is true in each moment, word, and gesture. It teaches how to express yourself compellingly and efficiently. It develops confidence in your authentic self. It engenders a compassionate understanding of the other.


At JMS Coaching, we teach non-actors how to communicate with clarity and power. Using exercises and concepts drawn from theater training, we focus on understanding your audience, shaping your message as story, improving vocal technique, and developing physical presence. We help our clients develop practical skills that are applicable one-on-one and in public.

Jason Slavick - Principal, JMS Coaching

Drawing on 25 years of experience, Jason brings the skills, techniques, and lessons of theater to a wide variety of professionals. He has trained individuals and groups from international pharmaceutical corporations, national medical facilities, private schools, and architecture firms. He has helped shape and coach presentations of numerous business and life coaches. For nine years Jason was on the faculty of Bentley University, where he taught management and communication based in theater technique.

As the founding Artistic Director of the ensemble theatre company, Liars & Believers, Jason specializes in collaboration and innovative story-telling. He has co-authored over a dozen plays which have won awards and accolades in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. Jason helped develop work by contemporary writers Joyce Carol Oates and Emily Mann, and he has directed dozens of plays from Shakespeare to Arthur Miller.

References Available Upon Request


Contact Us

Find out how we can help you. For more information or to book a session, email us at:


We’re happy to speak in person. Email us and we will schedule a call with you.


Cambridge, MA.

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